We remove 200% of the plastic we produce

Through our partnership with CleanHub, we are removing twice the amount of plastic we produce from the environment

Plastic Impact

See how you can help be part of the solution to end plastic polution by drinking coffee

91% of plastic is not recycled

  • 11m tons of plastic enter the oceans every year (Source: Pew Trusts, 2016)
  • 80% of that plastic is non-recyclable (Source: Pew Trusts, 2016)
  • A staggering 2 billion households in the world have no connection to a managed waste collection system (UNEP, ‘Global Waste Management Outlook’.)
  • This means 40% of all plastic produced remains uncollected (SYSTEMIQ, ‘Breaking the plastic wave’).
  • Eco Plus Coffee has partnered with CleanHub in order to offset 200% of the plastic we produce

The CleanHub Solution and Eco Plus Coffee Promise

Eco Plus Coffee has partnered with CleanHub in order to support the collection of double the amount of plastic we produce.

Here's how CleanHub uses our donations to prevent plastic waste from entering the ocean.

        1. CleanHub finances collection of plastic
          Directly from households, businesses and the environment in coastal regions
        2. Plastic is sorted
          Non-recyclable plastic is separated from recyclable plastic
        3. Converted to energy
          Non-recyclable plastics are used as a fuel source
        4. Energy recovered
          Reduces the carbon footprint of industrial processes by 25%


Eco Plus Coffee's commitment to waste reduction

Eco Plus Coffee is determined to the elimination of oceanic plastic waste. In order to realize this goal we will continue to aggresively support CleanHub as well as constantly explore new causes that support this goal.

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