We remove 200% of the carbon we produce from the atmosphere

Through our partnership with Climate Vault, Eco Plus coffee is removing double the carbon we produce from the farm to delivery, from ever entering the atmosphere.

Climate change effects us all, but your business can be part of the solution

  • Global average atmospheric carbon dioxide levels reached record highs in 2021 (Climate.gov)
  • Rising temperatures are causing glacial melt, which excels seas level rise, jeopardizing at-risk communities and wildlife NOAA.gov
  • It's not too late to stop this trend. Eco Plus Coffee has partnered with Climate Vault to remove double the carbon we create from entering the atmosphere. Turn your morning cup of joe into the solution.

How We've Turned Your Team's Coffee Into a Weapon Against Climate Change

By removing double the carbon we create from the farm to final delivery, we turn every cup of coffee your team drinks into a climate solution.

Eco Plus Coffee has partned with Climate Vault because of their simple but effective way to reduce carbon. Rather than trying to estimate the carbon reductions created by planting trees or distributing clean cookstoves, Climate Vault measures exactly how much carbon pollution we’re creating, ton by ton.

Climate Vault does this by purchasing carbon permits from cap-and-trade compliance markets and vaulting them so emitters can’t use them. Because the number of permits is capped, this decreases the amount of global carbon dioxide pollution allowed by government regulators.

Climate Vault's purchases are based on how much carbon we at Eco Plus Coffee are aiming to offset, so in our case double.

Eco Plus Coffee + Climate Vault

Climate Vault Pioneer the world's first integrated carbon reduction and & removal program in order to knock out carbon in day, not decades. This climate solution double offsets our carbon footprint through government-regulated markets, so our impact is verifiable, auditable and quantifiable.