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Drink delicious, gourmet coffee while knowing you're helping cleanup ocean plastic and removing carbon from the atmosphere with every sip. Explore our exquisite roasts, and check out our Plastic Offset and Carbon Offset pages to see how your coffee can make a difference in the climate crisis.

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The average coffee drinker consumes 3 cups of coffee per day. Based on this, your household / office as a whole likely consumes 0 pounds of Coffee per month.

Research has shown an average of 11 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2e) is emitted into the atmosphere for each pound of roasted coffee, which includes all activities from the farm to final consumption. Based on your current coffee consumption, you generate a coffee carbon footprint of 0 pounds of CO2e each year.

This level of yearly coffee consumption, generates an average of 0 pounds of plastic waste per year.

Eco Plus Coffee offsets 200% of all coffee CO2e and plastic waste. By switching to Eco Plus Coffee your company would offset 0 pounds of CO2e and 0 pounds of plastic waste from ever entering the environment.

Become a part of the Coffee-Climate Solution

How we've turned the Coffee-Climate Crisis, into the Coffee-Climate Solution

How We Reduce Carbon:
Major emitters such as powerplants and auto manufacturers must purchase what are called carbon permits from local governments for every metric ton of carbon they emit. The number of these permits governments distribute are strictly capped on a yearly basis. Through our partnership with Climate Vault, a registered 501c3, we purchase these carbon permits from cap-and-trade compliance markets for each sale we make, and then vault them. This purchasing of carbon credits prevents polluters from ever using them to emit carbon. But we don't stop there. We calculate exactly how much carbon we produce from the farm, to final consumption and purchase enough carbon credits to offset twice the amount of carbon we produce.

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How we remove plastic waste from the environment

Less than 10% of plastic waste is recycled. A significant amount of the remaining 90% of plastic waste ends up in the environment, particularly in ocean and coastal areas. According to a report by the United Nations, an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year, which is equivalent to a truckload of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean every minute. Plastic debris in the ocean is a major environmental concern as it can harm marine life and degrade ocean habitats. Eco Plus Coffee is dedicated to solving this. Through our partnership with CleanHub, an organisation spearheading plastic waste removal in coastal areas, we are supporting the removal of twice the amount of plastic we produce. These plastics are then recycled or repurposed as fuel.

Calculate your coffee plastic footprint
  • Through our partnership with Climate Vault,we offset twice the amount of carbon we create from ever entering the atmosphere.
  • Through our partnership with CleanHub we are assisting in removing twice the amount of plastic waste we produce from the enviroment.
  • Exclusively sourced from single origin, small farmers in an effort to support sustainable farming and local economies.

Our Climate Partners

Climate Vault

Founded at The University of Chicago, Climate Vault reduces yearly carbon by purchasing carbon permits from cap-and-trade compliance markets and vaulting them so emitters can’t use them. Because the number of permits is capped, this decreases the amount of global carbon dioxide pollution allowed by government regulators. Eco Plus Coffee has proudly partnered with Climate Vault to nuetralize double the carbon we produce.

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CleanHub operates a global network of local Collection Hubs in high impact locations to facilitate the collection and safe processing of recyclable and non-recyclable plastic. CleanHub is proudly partnered with Eco Plus Coffee in order double offset Eco Plus Coffee's plastic output and achieve the mission to prevent 50% of new ocean plastic by 2030.

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My employees love it, I've never felt better about my coffee

My employees love Eco Plus Coffee because it's delicious and I love it because it accomplishes our sustainability goals. Could not be happier.

Ron Potesky - Owner, Mr. Handy Man of Central NJ

Helping us achieve carbon neutrality

I had never considered the environmental impact from the coffee I supply my staff with. Eco Plus Coffee helps us reduce our carbon footprint and tastes amazing.

Mike Fasano - CEO, Sano Industries

Measurable impact

My team and I drink coffee like it's going out of style so you can imagine my shock when I found out that coffee is a gigantic greenhouse gas contributer. I could not be happier to be making a positive impact on the enivronment by switching to Eco Coffee Co.

John Naffziger - COO, Globesmen Inc

Less plastic in the ocean!!!

Ocean polution has always been an issue near and dear to my heart. Being able to buy coffee (which I literally need to function) and simultainously helping reduce plastic waste was a no-brainer for me. Oh and my team looooves it. Win win.

Hannah McClure - CEO, Hannah Makes Art

Make every sip part of the solution to solve climate change.

Eco Plus Coffee empowers businesses with the ability to turn every sip of coffee into an act of reducing CO2e levels and plastic pollution.

Double offset Co2 and plastic waste Through our partnerships with Climate Vault and CleanHub, we are negating 200% of the carbon and plastic we produce from the farm to final consumption.
Supporting small farmers We source our products exclusively through small, family farmers in the developing world.
Coffee your team will love Using only organic growing methods, our coffee is natural and savory to the very last drop. Your team is sure to fall in love with drinking Eco Plus Coffee to fuel their days.
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