The Eco Plus Promise

Founded in 2022 by Tom Carroll and Ben Potesky, Eco Plus Coffee was built on the idea that business can be the solution to the world's biggest challenges. As a whole, Americans consume an average of 400 million cups of coffee per day. What if each of those cups of coffee could offset carbon emissions or clean the ocean? Eco Plus Coffee is built on the idea that America's favorite beverage can be leveraged into a force for good. By partnering with Climate Vault and CleanHub, we are offsetting double the carbon and plastic we produce. Moreover, by helping businesses fuel change by supplying their teams with our coffee, we believe that our impact will have profound results. Our mission is simple: provide delicious, fairly sourced coffee while creating a net good for the planet.

Tom Carroll

Founder and CFO Tom Carroll was born in New Jersey and graduated Saint Joseph's University with a double major in Finance and Business Economics. He has worked primarily as an Entrepreneur and Project Accounting, while starting a family Real Estate development company. He developed a love for nature as a young man while becoming an Eagle Scout, and deepened it while living in California, surfing and hiking every chance he gets.

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Ben Potesky

A New Jersey native, Co-Founder and CRO Ben Potesky is a graduate of The American University of Rome with a degree in International Relations. A serial entrepreneur, Ben has worked in e-commerce since 2016 and has long used his business pursuits to support causes he believes in.

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