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Enter the average number of coffee drinkers in your home.


The average coffee drinker consumes 3 cups of coffee per day. Based on this, your household / office as a whole likely consumes 0 pounds of Coffee per month.

Research has shown an average of 11 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2e) is emitted into the atmosphere for each pound of roasted coffee, which includes all activities from the farm to final consumption. Based on your current coffee consumption, you generate a coffee carbon footprint of 0 pounds of CO2e each year.

This level of yearly coffee consumption, generates an average of 0 pounds of plastic waste per year.

Eco Plus Coffee offsets 200% of all coffee CO2e and plastic waste. By switching to Eco Plus Coffee your company would offset 0 pounds of CO2e and 0 pounds of plastic waste from ever entering the environment.

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